Radiographs or X-rays

We have an in-house state-of-the-art Digital x-ray machine that produces excellent quality radiographs. We are able to evaluate and diagnose certain problems and disease such as bladder stones and foreign objects.


A microchip is a tiny electronic device, about the size and shape of a grain of rice. It is implanted beneath a pet’s skin between the shoulder blades, and stays there for the pet’s entire life. This procedure is as easy and as painless as a vaccination.

Each microchip has a unique number. This number, along with information about the owner and pet, are added to a national pet registry. Most veterinarians and animal shelters have electronic scanners for detecting and reading these implanted microchips. If a lost pet is found, and the microchip is scanned, the registry is called and the owner is contacted.

We offer PetLink microchipping. PetLink can be scanned anywhere in the world.

Surgical Procedures

We offer a wide variety of surgical procedures that range from your routine cat or dog spay to special soft tissue surgeries. We offer pre-surgical bloodwork on all our animals 5 years and under. For all animals 5 years and older the bloodwork is required. Our anesthetic protocols are tailored to your individual pet. We use gas anesthesia along with our heart and respiratory monitoring.

We also use a CO2 laser for all of our surgeries. Laser surgery benefits for the patient the following ways:

  • Less Pain, The laser seals lymphatic’s and nerve endings as it cuts, resulting in less edema and pain that leads to a more comfortable post-operative recovery.
  • Reduced risk of infection, CO2 laser surgery is a “no touch” technology. Laser beam kills bacteria in its path, producing a sanitizing effect.
  • Quicker recovery time, Reduced risk of infection, less bleeding, less swelling, and less pain often allows the patient a more rapid return to normal activities.

  • Dental Care

    Yearly or bi-yearly dental cleaning is an essential part in your pet’s health and well being. The buildup of tartar, along with tooth decay and gingivitis can lead to heart, liver and or kidney failure. We offer the necessary dental cleaning equipment to help prolong the life of your pet. We also offer dental products for routine home dental care.

    We also now offer Dental Radiographs in our Mankato Clinic.

    Laboratory Services

    Our up-to-date in-house laboratory is used to give you quick and reliable results when we need them to get the best treatment started on your pet. We also have the ability to send out test to other reliable laboratories for more complex diagnostic testing and biopsies.


    The store at Premier Veterinary Center is small but mighty. We stock most of the Hill’s Science Diet food products. If you don’t see the product in the size you need, just ask and we will get it ordered for you or it may be in our stock room. We also have a wide range of other pet products such as collars, leashes, pet carriers and shampoo. We are always willing to special order a product if you can’t find it on our shelf.


    At this time we do not have grooming in either location. We will let you know when we start having grooming again.


    Here at Premier Veterinary Center we board all kinds of pets – from cats and dogs to birds and ferrets, all are welcome.

    At our clinic you, as our client, can expect the following services each time…

  • Friendly helpful staff that wants to get to know you and your pet.
  • Doctor and/or technician supervision.
  • Your pet to feel at home if you choose to bring your own food, treats, toys, blanket, etc. and if you don’t we provide our own at no extra cost.
  • Your pet will be fed and walked twice a day out in our field for some fun time outdoors in fresh air.
  • Medical services to be available if your pet should need them and/or prompt and accurate administration of any medications your pet is currently receiving. There is no additional charge for us to give any medications if you bring it along.
  • You can always expect that your pet is getting the best care from us at Premier Veterinary Center, and we would love to get to know you and your pet(s).


    At Premier Veterinary Center we have an in-house pharmacy that makes it easy for you to get the medication that you need when you need it. We offer competitive pricing on all our Heartworm and Flea and Tick preventative. We want the best for your pets so we will price match most online/catalog prices. We do this because online/catalog pharmacies are not always clean in how they get their products.

    Laser Therapy

    What is Laser Therapy?

    Laser therapy is light energy (photons) that is used to stimulate the cells of the body. This light energy works on the cells in two ways: first, it tells the cells to stop producing the harmful biochemicals that cause pain. Second, the cells are stimulated to instead release healing “happy hormones” called endorphins.

    What can it do for my pet??

    Simply put, it provides RELIEF!

    Rehabilitation – Laser therapy will allow your pet to heal faster after surgery or any traumatic injury.

    Energize – Eases pain and improves mobility without the use of pain medications.

    Life Enhancement – using laser therapy on older animals can improve their quality of life and your companion of younger years returns.

    Immunity – Scientific studies have shown that the application of laser therapy boosts your pet’s immune system.

    Effectiveness – Effective against chronic problems such as lick granulomas and chronic ear infections that are otherwise difficult to resolve.

    Fast-Acting – Upon application, the decrease in inflammation and pain is instantaneous.

    This deep penetrating light has been used in our practice to treat disorders such as arthritis, skin infections, wound healing, burns, post surgery pain, lacerations/abrasions and much more! In most instances, treatment with laser therapy can provide almost immediate results without any of the dangerous side effects that can sometimes be associated with the use of long term pain medications.


    We have several payment options to fill your needs: Cash, Check, Travelers Checks, Discover, Master Card, Visa and Care Credit. Care Credit is a GE Money company that offers convenient payment plans. Credit approval is needed and can be done in the clinic or on-line. Payments are required at time of service.

    Share the care

    We have a great Pet Care Referral Program. Our clients know they have our complete commitment in providing the most thorough, comprehensive pet care and highest quality pet care products. When a client takes time to share our philosophy of care with other pet owners, who value quality pet care, we want to return the favor. We ask the new client how they learned about our practice, and if they are referred by another client, we show our thanks to that other client with a $10.00 savings toward any of our services or pet products.