We get a variety of cats and dogs brought in to our clinic. We obtain these animals from the police department, the county, surrounding towns and from surrenders. We hold the animal for 5-7 working days to make sure it does not have an owner or any kinds of diseases. After that the animal goes up for adoption. We put the animals in the local newspaper and/or on

Adoption Services

The services that come with an adoption are a Microchip, complete exam, spay or neuter, the Rabies and Distemper vaccination and a heartworm test for dogs. We also de-worm all our animals when they get here and again before they leave. All animals adopted will be spayed or neutered before they go to their new home.

Adoption Policy

Our adoption policy includes a 48 hour trial period in case your new animal does not fit into your home. In the event that the animal does not work your can bring them back in and we will offer you a credit on your account or put that amount towards another adoption.

To view our available animals please click on the link below.

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